Sydney Disqualified Driving Lawyers – Downing Centre Court – September 2015

Downing Centre Traffic Lawyers

So, guys, if you have been involved in any sort of traffic related offence, disqualified driving, suspended driving, drink driving, many so very common traffic offences within our society, however, they are seen to be very serious offences, either because they pose a risk to the greater community or because they are seen to show contempt for the Court and legal system.

If you have been involved in such an offence and you would want to speak to someone to get some professional legal assistance on this, you’re more than welcome to give me a call at the office here at Beazley Boorman Solicitors on (02) 9283-8622, or you can visit our website where there’s plenty of information there and also, it’s the offences surrounding traffic laws in New South Wales and you can visit our website, which is

But if you are unfortunate enough to be in a situation where you do need to attend Court, happy to have the 1st FREE Telephone Consultation with you just to give you some advice on what you can expect when you go to Court, how to best prepare for your case. Certainly, if you’d like to engage us to represent you and provide you with professional legal representation, we will be more than happy to discuss that with you.

We do all our traffic matters on a very reasonable fixed fee basis. So you know exactly how much you will be in for in regards to your legal cost from the outset and there’ll be no hidden expenses in relation to that. And please feel free to call me on (02) 9283-8622, and I can have a chat with you about your situation.



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Sydney Disqualified Driving Lawyers –  was written by Josh Boorman at Beazley Boorman Lawyers.