Q: What are the effects of bankruptcy on property?

A: The property that you own as of the date of your bankruptcy on any assets that you acquire, lost and bankrupt faced in and become the property of at the trustee in bankruptcy. Now, he then has to pay his fees, pay an amount to the government being a living for effectively paying for the trustees sort of as [ph] [0:00:38.3]…

Q: Is about [inaudible]?

A: [?], and then pay the creditors the balance of the money. Now,…

Q: Now, what’s left?

A: Now, what’s left? Now, you’re allowed to keep a [?] [0:00:50.0] vehicle to a certain value. You’re allowed to keep your tools of trite [ph] to a certain value. And –

Q: Very hard.

A: — you’re allowed to earn up to $55,000.

Q: All right.

A: You have to contribute half of anything you earned over that amount toward your bankrupt state.

Q: So if you’re on a million dollars and 55,000 a year,…

A: Well, if you’re on $100,000 —

Q: Yeah.

A: — and the first $55,000, you keep, and the balance of $45,000, split between you and your trustee.

Q: Right. And is there a particular threshold if you’re on a million and 55,000? You’re still going to…

A: There’s a lot of threshold, but no other threshold.